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I wanted to write a Jamaican story. This is what I came up with…

Obeah Gal

Cover by @FayLane
Genre: General fiction

They called her “obeah gal”, although they had no hard and fast evidence to prove their accusation. No oddities like bones, and bird feathers, or bottles or perhaps a skeleton of some sort in her little shed of a home. In fact, she seemed to be more of a “mad woman” than anything else—she ought to have been locked up in Bellevue, according to some—and yet, not quite that either. She seemed to have healing hands.

A WIP/work-in-progress, on hiatus.

@KLCandela: ❝ Amazing! You know how to tell a good story… Surprising skills. How I love… Maree and her incredible sense of herself. Wonderful. ❞

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A short, playful story… something different from what I usually write


Hi! My name is Steve and I have a strange story to tell. I don’t dare to tell my Mom about it, nor any of my friends… They wouldn’t believe me. But I’ll tell you, because to you I’m anonymous… 

Originally written in February 1984, and received Honorable Mention at Jamaica’s Irving Burgie Literary Competition 10/May/1984. Never published.

@TonyHarmsworth: ❝ Nice impossible stories like that are so interesting to read. Could be turned into a Disney feature. ❞

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