About the Author

Deep in the sunny Caribbean tourist destination… Jamaica, Annika K.E. Morgan pursues her childhood dream of becoming a published author. With the support of a loving husband and daughter, a couple cats and a yard full of dogs, she spends her free time focused on completing her unfinished works. 

When she’s not immersed in books and writing she works with…? You guessed it! Books! That would explain why, as a tween in Sweden, she would borrow a dozen library books at a time to read each week. No wonder she was devastated on moving with her family to Jamaica only to find that libraries only lent one book at a time. Nowadays, however, she is generally more occupied with editing and designing books, and sometimes also dabbling in art and crafts on the side.

Her husband tends to wonder what planet she is on when she is immersed in writing and reading… which must be why she picked up Sci-Fi as her primary genre. She spends hours on research, even traveling to scout specific locations (before the Internet was available) to make her Sci-Fi story as realistic as possible. Occasionally, she illustrates her chapters with rendered 3D images and scenarios for her faithful readers on Wattpad. 

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