∞ Shadow Of The Past Trilogy ∞ The Displaced ∞

Shadow Of The Past Trilogy ∞ The Displaced cover

#ShadowOfThePastTrilogy #sciencefiction #scifi #sci-fi #scifi-romance #lovestory #romance #mystery #slowburn #wwbm #investigation #blackops #1979 #paralleluniverse #future #youngadult #newadult #strongfemalelead #nanotechnology

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Three Fates,

Two Earths,

One Chosen… 

After the cataclysmic event hurls three women to a younger Earth, they find themselves separated, stranded thousands of years in the past… in 1979.

The same night an unknown object plunges into a lake, something—or someone—leads Danny McGahn to a mysterious girl with amnesia. Whether it was Divine intervention or the Voice of Fate, he soon learns that being a good Samaritan has its consequences—turning his heart and life upside down. Despite the strangeness of the situation, Danny finds himself determined to protect her and help her remember who she is.

Meanwhile, Lora believes she is the sole survivor and falls into a life of crime. Haunted by memories of the disaster, she tries to forget who she is.

Neither girl is aware of the great lengths Selina goes through to fulfill her mission of selecting The One, and protect them from the government’s Black Ops task force hunting them.

The three survivors are aliens on American soil, but are they a threat to National Security? Or are they the first signs of a greater threat—to this Earth?

❝ This epic tale not only spans the far reaches of time but burrows deep inside all of us, exposing the love and pain behind the choices that lay out the destiny we share. ❞ —Timothy Marsh, Speculative Fiction novelist

Readers’ Reviews

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❝ A true Sci-fi gem. This is some scintillating sci-fi. ❞

❝ Great, natural, easy to read narrative voice… Very nice read. ❞

❝ I normally stay away from fantasy/sci-fi, but you have me hooked! The fact that the story dips into different genres… is intriguing. ❞

❝ The overall cohesiveness of the storyline is absolutely fantastic! ❞

❝ I just want to say, I love this story… An original breath of fresh air. ❞


I ∞ The Displaced
❝ One Disaster ∞ Two Earths ∞ Three Survivors ❞

II ∞ The Rapids
❝ Three Survivors ∞ Two Huntsmen ∞ One Chosen ❞

III ∞ The Chaos ✍ (WIP)
❝ One Chosen ∞ Two Vessels ∞ Three Fates ❞

Previous covers
Previous covers…

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#ShadowOfThePastTrilogy #sciencefiction #scifi #sci-fi #scifi-romance #lovestory #romance #mystery #slowburn #wwbm #investigation #blackops #1979 #paralleluniverse #future #youngadult #newadult #strongfemalelead #nanotechnology

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